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January 2, 2001

New site design. Hope that

New site design. Hope that you all enjoy.

test two post days... blogger

test two post days... blogger slow... grrr...

January 3, 2001

OK, so after a long

OK, so after a long evening of fighting with blogger, I finally got this site up and running well. I love this technology and how it allows me to keep anything like an updated web page up and running. I would complain about the speed of the servers at times, but I will hold off until I get my donation to the server fund in.

There are no images or sounds or movies up in the media space yet. I will get to that over the next couple of weeks. Yeah, just what the internet needs, pictures of my ugly mug .

Went to really great place tonight called the Baltic Room to listen to some drum and bass and have a couple of pints to finish off the vacation. Really classy place with a great (make that fucking great) atmosphere. Managed to get an ashtray so that I can remember the place for years to come.

Head home tomorrow. It has been a great vacation and I am really ready to get into all of the things that the next year will bring me. New Year's Resolutions? Not really. But maybe one that will count as one is to get better at being myself. There are so many times that we all act like someone we are not. Whether that be to impress or to court or to make ourselves feel better, I think that to do that is to perform a most grave injustice against one's self. Changes can be made without forcing them to come by faking it for all those years.

Oh yeah, forgot this quote:

Oh yeah, forgot this quote:

Charles: So in my next life I want to come back as a pretty girl...

Everything is so much better taken out of context. Here is to more of that in the new year!! Cheers...

January 6, 2001

Observations from Sea-Tac Seattle-Tacoma International

Observations from Sea-Tac

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is adding a third runway to accomidate for bad weather. In doing so they are going to reclaim about 13 acres of wetlands and 23 acres of non-wetlands. During the expansion they will be cleaning up a great deal of damage already done to the ecosystem surounding the airport. Damage that existed before the airport was there. Nice to see that sometimes development can indeed go hand-in-hand with environmental concerns.

While walking through the airport I came across a guy trying to raise money for what I believe to be a segment of the democratic party backed by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. In exchange for $10 I recieved a book and several small publications outlining the tenents of the group. The gentleman doing the recrouting wished for me to give more money, but I held fast with my offer of $10 for more information. Some of what he said had realistic grounds. Some of it was a bit over the top. I intend to read the book and post more when I have more infomation.

Observations on the Economy (stirred by the LaRouche guy in Sea-Tac)

No doubt are there concerns about the economy as we move to a new president. The media are calling it a downturn in the stock market. I am calling in a recentering. The overvaluation of stocks (especially tech stocks and dot-coms) led to a completely unrealistic market.

As I discussed with several of my friends, with the information we have about the changes to the technology market we ought to be able to predict general trends without any difficulty. However, with all of the speculation money in the market, companies that should have showed increases in stock prices due to normal raises in earning and introductions of new technologies showed little movement.

My completely naive advise is to relax, don't panic, and remember that those dollars are not really worth anything when you think about it.

January 11, 2001

Back from a wonderful trip

Back from a wonderful trip to Colorado. Now on to the packing and the moving and the crazy...

Recent Quote:

Diana: You go ahead and be right, I'll be satisfied.

January 15, 2001

Radio Shack is so cool...

Radio Shack is so cool... I was able to update my page from one.

Florida is great. I cannot even begin to tell you about the weather here. Found a place today. I will have pics and such when I get hooked up.

Shouldn't stay on here too long the Radio Shackians might get all upity.

January 22, 2001

First day of work. I

First day of work. I will be making all of the changes to my web page once I am hooked up with the phat pipe on Saturday. Until then some observations.

Loving the new job. Have myself a nice little cube and that is fine by me. I cannot help but be impressed by the resources that are here in terms of both staff and hardware. The people that I have met seem really nice, or at least nice enough. It is certainly true what they say about coders in general though. There are more game addicts here than you can shake a larger-than-life stick at.

Today's Quote:
Jason on EQ: You just can't play two nights a week...


January 23, 2001

Today's Lesson: Confidentiality. An important

Today's Lesson: Confidentiality. An important discussion on what is appropriate to discuss. Good things to know since I intend to keep my job.

Been playing a load of FF9. What a great game. Since I was not all that impressed with FF8 it is really good to see that they have gotten back to the basics of good story and simple interface for this edition. Still on disk 1, many more hours to go.

Once again cannot hessitate to plug Blogger since it is by their technology alone that I am able to do what I do here. Figured that it was a good idea since there are several new readers who might be interested in such a thing.

I will be playing a whole lot of Madden with my job so I am off to it...

January 24, 2001

Planets align and Hindus Bathe.

Planets align and Hindus Bathe.

Problems with close friends preoccupy my free cycles.

As refered to me by

As refered to me by x-ie:
Spielburg does Kubrick's Baby (gotsta have qt).

Since it is in a web page and that sucks, I recomend that you open the url in QuickTime Player.

Today's Tired Rambling (TTR001): One

Today's Tired Rambling (TTR001):
One of the many nice things I can say about my job (as opposed to the many-many that I cannot), is how close my desk is to the bathroom. After a case of Dew, nothing is better than a short trip.

January 25, 2001

(More of) Today's Tired Rambling

(More of) Today's Tired Rambling (TTR002):
From underneith a mound of code I called out to you. It is dark in here, but warm. For now I know for certain why those without homes use newsprint as blankets.

Made progress on FF9 last night despite my intention not to play it at all since I worked so damn late. Disk 2 is where I am whoo hoo... Made my first touchdown in Madden today. That is really exciting. Soon enough I will be able to hold my own against 4 year olds.

Am intending to make plans and get out this weekend. Now it is just a matter of figuring out where to go.

Noticed something on the roof of my car when I was at the post office today. Turned out to be sap. grrr... it is the little things that get you when you weren't paying attention.

January 27, 2001

Finally have broadband in my

Finally have broadband in my home and boy is it nice to be back on the big pipe. I really don't think that there are that many people on my local segment/loop since the connection speeds are really, REALLY fast here. Perhaps it is just that the company rocks, but I really doubt that.

Contact info is now up to date and rocking. I will do my best to get the pictures that I have of the apartment and my adventure with Flat Stanley scanned and up on the site really soon. On a not about getting things, I am still waiting for Ikea to ship me the necessary parts of my desk so that I can actually have a full setup and get things working again. Soon, soon...

Heading into work today. I actually started writing code yesterday. It feels really good to be getting real work done. I have to say that Madden 2002 is gonna rock. I normally do not go in for Football or sports games at all, but this one is really something to behold.


January 28, 2001

So it is going to

So it is going to be a few more days until I get my desk... this bothers me a little although I now have most of the things in my office arranged. Today has been a cleaning and laundry day. I guess that is OK, since if it were not for the football game today, I would have been in the office working on code...

I came to realize last night while talking to someone on NM, that I have been asking several people this question:
"So what are you playing?"
and I find that really amusing.

So I talked to a

So I talked to a completely cool and honest person tonight on NM. It was rather refreshing... she was a woman from Illinios with a cam and a kid and she was quite nice. It certainly beats the "hey show me your stuff" conversation, which is normally how it goes. Kinda gives me hope for the human race.

Missed most of the Super Bowl comercials tonight. Guess I will scoot over to Adcritic to check them out this week. Did catch the VW one for the GTI with the car stuck up in the tree. That was clever, but I am bias in that regard. Although it is the second car in tree commecial running right now. Wonder if it is a trend. hmmm...

Since I apearantly write code

Since I apearantly write code and in code:
NM: Netmeeting
<G>: Big Grin
<g>: Little Grin
<p>: Pout
pttt: ptttt

January 29, 2001

Making of Crouching Tiger, Hidden

Making of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Decent article, great movie.

As I have said, "Fuck

As I have said, "Fuck Lieberman". That sensoring bastard is up to is old tricks again. Read about it here. I don't believe that companies should market violence or sex to children, but the idea of this line of advertising is, IMHO, bullshit and just an excuse to get tighter control of the industry for the government.

January 30, 2001

Talked to an old friend

Talked to an old friend last night. It was good to hear that dispite all of the bad that she has had to endure and in a sense all that I encouraged her to endure that she is getting better every day. It is strange the people that you leave behind who you actually miss. It is also amazing to me how much a smile can mean, especially when it is one so beautiful.

January 31, 2001

Got a wonderful opertunity to

Got a wonderful opertunity to play The Bouncer in the office today. I can only say that I was a little (spread arms wide) let down by the whole thing. I believe that Dream Factory (the dev studio) has dumbed down the interface so that anyone can play. But that, in my opinion, is what made Tobal No. 2 one of the best fighters ever. I just hope that there is something that I am missing since the game was in Japanese and the menus nearly impossible to use.

X-ie has been filling my inbox with fine, high-quality mail. In the next couple of days I will be bringing my brain (rested) to bear on the topics presented there. I will be sure to post anything of any interest or revelation here.

Speaking (typing) of things piling up in my inbox, Dianna sent me an organ which arived fresh today. This and other images availible in the media area of this site.

Milestone passed, now the real work begins.

edited 04.22.01 7:46pm: removed image links as they are now gone.

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