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September 9, 2001

two months have passed. i

two months have passed. i was certain to have given up on this, but i think that i have some more to do with it. new posts coming, just in case you are still reading...

September 11, 2001

i am not sure what

i am not sure what to say right here, right now. with the events of today our lives will certianly never be the same. it will be one of those moments where you will look back and say, "i remember where i was when..." i remember where i was when the Oklahoma City Bombing occured, it was nothing compared to this. what i struggle with is the lack of humanity in these people. i can understand doing what you believe to be right, but the loss of life is inexcusable. i am not sure what i think is the right form of "justice" for this kind of action, but that is certainly something we all will have to think about in the days and weeks to come.

my best wishes go out to those families and friends effected by the events of today. be well.

September 15, 2001

today is a blue jeans

today is a blue jeans day...

todays laundry list (excluding laundry):

  • so my little sis is the big 21 today. i hope mom and dad are taking it well.
  • slipping into a more routine and realistic schedule.
  • went to a really bad museum yesterday and saw the largest collection of Tiffany lamps in the world. all i have to say about that is the arts and crafts movement sucks(ed).
  • trying to roll my sleep cycle back around although staying out late and meeting people does not help that out all that much.
  • conversations are good and validation feels even better.
  • i once said that i believe the earth to be human's dominion. now i would have to say that it is more our habitat, although not in some humanity sacrificing kind of way.

September 17, 2001

been working on music to

been working on music to drive by volume 1 instead of working on a new site design. current playlist:
  • Battersea - Hooverphonic
  • Offshore - Chicane
  • Perl's Girl - Underworld
  • Southside - Moby
  • Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim
dunno when i will get this one done.

the weather was absolutly nearly perfect yesterday. i spent this evening reading and drinking coffee, wonderful stressfree evening. still looking for a good dive to drink coffee and read in. perferably a place with a patio and cushy chairs, although i think that i will deal as long as i can smoke. good coffee is also strictly optional but good company perfered. i am beginning to feel my stride returning. i probably will begin to write again soon.

the weekend was full of adventure, but i don't think that 3 nights out in a row is good on the body. this is shaping up to be a good week.

September 22, 2001

busy weekend. post tomorrow.

busy weekend. post tomorrow.

September 23, 2001

well i suppose that i

well i suppose that i should post something as i said yesterday that i was going to post today. it was a good weekend. i got out and about and managed to stay out of trouble. i think that i would have liked to find some trouble to get into, but that will probably happen all its own. had a wonderful conversation with the maternal unit today (mom) about all kinds of things. i am not sure if you have a good relationship with your parentals, but if you don't and you care to, i would recomend it. or mine just rock, whichever. today was also a minor e-mail hell as i finally got back to a ton of people that i had been meaning to all week. i dunno... i would rather send someone a thought out and good e-mail then a couple of lines in quick response.

this looks to be an interesting week. thursday is my 24th and i am taking that day and friday off of work. not sure what strange variety of trouble i intend to get into, but hopefully it will be fun. i may just cut out of town and hit up the beach for a couple of days, read a good book and catch some sun. that would be really nice. maybe i will just go out and allow my friends to lay the hurt on me. it could go either way.

talked to my dad today about the effects of the September 11th incidents. i am still not sure how i have reacted to them. they are very much real to me and feel sadness over the extreme loss of life and innocence both then and coming soon. at the same time i hope that the recent resurgance of patriotism lasts long past the eventual military rebuttal to the attacks. everyone has been effected. everyone will remember.

oh, yeah. got to see the tenacious d on thursday. they say it and i tend to agree that they are in fact "the greatest band in the world". never before have i been rocked so hard by 2 slightly overweight guys with accoustic guitars. more on the show in my next post.

September 24, 2001

i have been laid out

i have been laid out on my couch all day today. i have some variety of the walking death wherein i am suffering from a nasty fever that just will not break. i went into work this morning but had to leave i was nearly passed out at my desk. feeling crappy, well, is crappy. hopefully i will feel better in the morn' so that i can go and work?

so yeah, the tenacious d concert. these guys are really good. seen the movie high fidelity? remember the angry clerk in the record store? that is Jack Black. he has one hell of a set of pipes on him for real. his partner in rockin' is Kyle Gass. they are incredibly irreverent and are funny as hell. when i got to the show i was not sure why the house of blues was so packed. why were all of these screeming fans there? what was up with the messed up demographic that they represented? why where there so many people at my work completly pumped about the show? it didn't take me long to understand. after watching the episodes of the hbo show i finally understood how these guys could claim to be the greatest band in the world. check them out if you get the chance.

so i am off to do some dieing now.

102.6 degrees. yukky...

102.6 degrees. yukky...

September 25, 2001

so i felt better when

so i felt better when i got up this morning but after being at work for a couple of hours started to feel crappy again, so i came home and have been laying around, my fever has passed again and i will probably try and get to sleep soon. i will probably take tomorrow off as well and try to kick this thing once and for all. here is to hoping. i really would hate to be sick on my birthday. I almost forgot to thank mom for telling me what i needed to do when i called her last night. it is amazing how your mom's words can make you feel all the better when you are not well. THANKS MOM!!

September 27, 2001

went to work today, but

went to work today, but made it to the doctor about my nice illness. now i have nothing against modern medicine. i think it is great. i don't fear doctors or any of that, but there is something about it that i don't like. i think that my body is a pretty good little machine. it does a hell of a job taking care of itself. i avoid most medicines and whatnot. sometimes, when i am really sick like i am not, i bite the bullet. i could have told you before making the apointment what they were going to tell me and what they were going to perscribe. sinus infection, yup, antibiotics, check, expectorant, right on. at least my co-pay is small.

one of these days really soon, i am going to have a profound thought. and when i do, damnit, you guys are going to be the first to get a taste of it. perhaps i will get to work on that piece that i started so long ago. yeah, right... i will probably just curl up with a book and some laundry and watch tv and drink more water.

September 28, 2001

birthdays... heh. i had a

birthdays... heh. i had a great birthday. i got up a little late, took a shower, and started up some laundry. then i chatted with a new friend online for a bit before venturing out for some breakfast food. it wasn't that good on account of my broken sense of smell. i came back and continued my part in the activity of changing dirty clothing into clean clothing and sent some e-mail and chatted some more. a trip to a friends house a little later found me in some conversation and the removal of a cieling fan. nothing like working over your head in the aid of your friends. after that it was some quality time with another good friend who lost his job today. 1:00am finds me home again closing the deal for a closet full of clean garments and a fresh set of sheets. maybe it is just me, and it very well could be, but this is a nice way to spend a day that i think is no more significant than any other, except that i take the day off work.

so i don't know. it is kinda hard for some of my friends and most of my family to understand why i don't really celebrate my birthday or any other holidays. i mean i visit my family during the holiday season and i make sure and call and all of that. i think at the root of this lack of endorcement lies the same justification that i use to explain my lack of belief in the institution of marrage. why do we feel the need to enshroud something good and profound in a larger thing to make it more significant? why do we need to take a relationship founded on the love of two people and have some ceremony and contract to make it something more? why do we need to take a day that has no real importance to me and try and add ritual and tradition that has been corrupted over the generations? there are too many holidays, and certainly too many hallmark holidays. maybe if we only had one then i wouldn't be so tired of it all. my advice, pick a day at random and make it your own personal holiday. call or visit your family, give gifts, throw a party. make it important for your own reasons.

and violet, i am reading your site as i type this...

i must be feeling better,

i must be feeling better, my sickness has been overthrown in some sort of non-violent revolt by my insomnia

national guardsmen will be in the airports for a while. fully armed and able to use their weapons. let's hope it doesn't come to that.

  this is my

  this is my favorite color.

September 29, 2001

have you ever had one

have you ever had one of those completely disjoint days? the ones where you feel like you are about 1/2 a second behind what is going on around you? the ones where you find yourself surrounded by interesting people who are really not all that interesting? maybe i didn't get enough sleep, i certainly didn't drink, so i really don't know. maybe it is the medication that the doctor gave me. i really don't know. maybe tomorrow will bring a little more syncronicity with my surroundings. i did get to meet new people, although i am not so sure that i care to see any of them again. at least the food was good.

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