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sunday night/monday morning after a

sunday night/monday morning after a really long weekend. not just a long weekend in the sense that it was a 3-dayer, but more like a long weekend in there was a lot to see and hear and do.

friday was 400'ish miles to and from ft. laudersdale. a nice little jaunt for a concert and a b-day celebration for violet. met an interesting cat named tim before the show and was probably enlightened a little more than necessary by his apartment than i should have been. it is pretty interesting what you can learn about people just by sitting in the middle of and looking around their room.

i should have know that something was up when we got to the show. there were not all that many cars in the lot and then i noticed a strange phenomenon that i hadn't seen in quite some time, people being dropped off by their parents. things were looking interesting for this show. until the music picked up it was really strange to be surrounded by so many younger people. kind of like feeling very out of place. but i had a really good time.

satuday i had the chance to hang out with my friend ben in the afternoon before finding myself at another party where i felt completely out of place. we were late for that one and probably a good thing too. after having a rather intoxicated girl removed from my car, it was off to downtown where i took part in the wonderful fall extra hour of drinking to celebrate the start of daylights savings time. the rest of the evening had an interesting and odd feeling to it. i was going to post last night at 5:00am when i finally rolled in. the post was to read, "grrr... but i bring it on myself." i think that i am going to leave it at that. i really need to focus on friends right now and not let anything get in the way of that.

today was chill. hung out with bill and watched the killer. so i guess quite a bit of the weekend was spent in a state of disjoint perception. funny thing about that is how much i feel at home in that state. now it is time to get off to bed.

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