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tempting fate...

so as we near the end of a project, i find myself being very careful about the words that i use to describe the state of the game. someone will ask, "so are there any crashes?" and i would respond, "no one has found any crashes." there are always bugs in a peice of software like the one that i work on. the question is how hard are they to get to happen, and just how much do you want to temp fate by saying that there are none.

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Reminds me of the paradox of the preface (which has come up for me in a couple of places lately.)

It occurs when the author of a book believes for each sentence of his book that it does not contain an error, but does not believe that the entire book is without error. The name referes to the frequency with which authors say something like "thanks go to these people, but all of the errors in the book are my own" in the preface of their books.

Also makes me think of Knuth's cash prize for people who find errors in TAOCP. It made me revisit this page. It looks like he's currently offering $2.56 to the first finder of each error.

indeed it is excatly like that. there are no compiler errors on any of the lines of code (oh, and there are a lot of them) that comprise NFL Street, but all errors in the program that involove error-free lines of code that i have written are my own.

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