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as work tries to get things back together so that we can alpha, we also keep our eyes over our shoulders at ivan making its way through the carribian. things were looking pretty good there for a while as the track kept the storm pretty far west. we all were hoping initially that it would recurve out into the atlantic, but that is not going to happen except as a possible outlyer on the current models. other models have it moving out into the gulf where it would make landfall god knows where. the current forcast is showing another florida hit.

as of this morning, ivan is a beast. it is a cat 5 hurricane (big as hell) with winds estimated at a sustained 160mph. some recon data indicated packets of wind in excess of 200mph (essentially a borderline F4 tornado). if a storm this size was to make landfall it could easily scour the land much like the larger tornados do. the bright side of the current intensity is that storms have a very difficult time sustaining themselves at this strength, so weakening is likely. also, the interaction with the landmass of cuba and the cooler waters that it would go through before hitting florida could shave some strength off this monster.

jamacca is in a very bad place right now and if it even takes a glancing blow, it is likely to have some major cleanup to do. my thoughts go out to all of the people down there as they brace for a hit.

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happy birthday old man!


So what's the future bring B-day boy, er..man? I am not too far behind you? Here are some photos of the damage by Ivan.


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