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baby owl

On Monday, I had to go home to help my Melissa get a baby owl back into a tree in the backyard. When I got home that night, we took the box down and it was empty. Although unable to confirm it, we suspected that since the baby wasn’t back on the ground and the box was intact he made it home safely. Parent owls had been eyeing us as we put the box in the tree, although they didn’t attack.

When I get back from walking the dog this morning, the baby is hanging out on our porch. We figure it is learning to fly and is just tired out. For some reference as to how chill this baby is, this picture was taken from about 5 feet away with my 50mm fixed lens (no zoom).

Parent owls were hanging out in a tree keeping an eye on the little one. I think that this is the mother owl as it is smaller than the other one that keeps an eye out. In fact daddy is to the top and right of this picture which I didn’t know until I was looking for the mom again and saw they were both up there. They like to talk a big game, but they haven’t attacked and have gotten as close as 10 feet without spooking. This was taken with my zoom lens, so I was not anywhere as close as the other picture.


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