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September 3, 2000


Sure, every guy wants their sexual partner to masturbate in front of them. They are thinking that a persons hands could never replace what they have between their legs. They think, "Those are hands. You make sandwitches with hands, you drink Dew with hands."

Now a vibrator, that is something that is strictly designed to replace what a man has between his legs. A device designed to do nothing but deliver sexual pleasure. There is nothing about a vibrator that is there to put Miracle Whip on a piece of bread. And that is what scares most men.

March 19, 2002

4 days and counting...

so i am remembering more and more and my brain is working and work is going and all of that... it feels so good to be back, it feels even better to be able to smile about the catalyst that encouraged it.

so much more beauty is contained in an honest look, held in a moment in the air surrounding eyes and lips turned up in a knowing smile. and i remember the times that i have seen that beauty and i cannot help but to smile as well...

March 26, 2002


what o'er yonder concrete wall breaks?
t'is my car, may it get me home before the sun...

March 31, 2002

3:00am an e-mail and a hint of my old voice...

it was a walk on the beach
seemingly ordinary in the sand and the setting sun
and a look in a girls green eyes
the expression traveled thru time
that welcomed back feelings
set aside but never forgotten.

April 3, 2002

tired and happy and a little confused?

so i am not sure what the future is bringing, and as much as i would like to say that i am letting it come as it will, not devoting much thought or worry to it, i sometimes lie to myself...

May 30, 2002

more stuff...

so i apearantly graduated from the University of Oklahoma, at least according to his years commencement announcement. how nice of them!! i tried to dig up a link, but no dice...

my old engineering education stomping grounds is participating in next years battlebots competition. good stuff...

July 27, 2002


so apple has been running a series of ads encouraging people to make the switch from pcs to macs. you can check out the ad campaign or just jump straight to the ads.

like all things geeky, there has been a storm of people who both love and hate the ads. but probably the most interesting thing is when people start making fun of it well. check out some funny ones here (non-geeky) and here (slighly geeky and deeper. or you can check all of them out.

September 5, 2002

at peace...

the heavy rains of last night and the overcast day that i woke to has passed into a quiet and clearing evening. there is a good chance that tomorrow morning will find the weather clear and sunny. it has also started to cool off, it was cooler than 80 degrees when i drove home. the seasons are changing and so is my mood. both to the better.

September 15, 2002


more on this when i have had some sleep... nothing bad, but grrr all the same.

September 24, 2002

strange people...

strange link. hole in the damn head, wierd.

September 30, 2002



word of the day...

the word of the day is pixielicous.

October 1, 2002


so i couldn't help but think of my old roommate matt when i saw this.

October 3, 2002


everything's wonderful art of insulting.

October 4, 2002

never as expected...

and for the first time in a long time being single just didn't seem to work out.

November 7, 2002


sometimes girls play games. i know it is true. i have friends who play. my girlfriend currently does not. came across an interesting website which is, as far as i can tell, a girl side take on gaming. rez, a wonderfully innovative "music shooter" released a special addition of the game in japan with a peripheral called a "trance vibrator". check out the review of the game here.

the article is an interesting read, although i think the inclusion of the pictures does something to delute the objectivity of the article. don't get me wrong, i love pictures that leave more to the imagination than the give away, but it starts to come off as a ploy to generate traffic for your site.

and of course i begin to wonder if the designers of the vibrating controller were really out for improving our gaming experience through bio-feedback, or if they were thinking that people would want to put their controllers in their pants...

November 12, 2002

smell of girlie...

i woke up on sunday about an hour after melissa left to go have lunch with her mom. when i got in the shower i noticed this wonderful clean smell of a different kind of soap. 'wow,' i thought, 'that i love the smell of the soap that she uses.' the next day i drag myself into the shower for the morning cleaning and can still smell that wonderful soap. and then i realize that it is the fresh bar of a new kind of soap that i bought that smells so good. melissa must have opened it and i must have missed it in my sleepiness on sunday. oh well, i still think of her when i get in the shower.

December 3, 2002


new pictures in images. one of the cat that is crashing with me, the other of a solar panel that was installed in a car on the dealer's lot the other weekend.

marek booked the room for the first night in amsterdam today, which makes the trip more concrete. as if i needed anything more than the tickets that are sitting on my coffee table, heh. at this point i am having a bit of trouble seeing the light at the end of the very short tunnel which is the next couple of weeks of work. so what if i loose a toe or two trying not getting off of the track in time right?

January 25, 2004


while i was in college i got into game theory. part of this was due to the fact that i took a class in AI (more on this in a bit) and part of it due to the fact that i find facinating the analysis of situations and the attempt to reduce these into machine-understandable states.

i find it interesting that the class that i took was able to get me into AI at all. much of AI breaks down into three classes of problems: searching, sorting and knowledge representation. the treatment of these topics given in my class led much to be desired. they certainly didn't spark any interest in truly understanding the subtleties of A* algorithms, nor did they really pique much interest or desire into continuing the study of the topics presented.

but perhaps it was the knowledge representation that struck me most. i was interested in how to represent the world in a binary format. i was interested in finding ways to emulate that which our brains do so well in computing. we store and process an incredible quantity of information every moment, to be able to do a fraction of that on a machine level has always interested me.

so back in colege i took an interest in a game called mancala. very simple and quite enjoyable and quite an area of study for game theorists. the development of quickly evaluating heuristics is rolling around in my head once again. of course, before i can implement anything to investigate the rules one might employ to be very good at the game, i need to write a framework for playing the game.

so much code, so little time.

March 29, 2004

riding in ghosttown...

here is a link.

i know that it has been a very long time since i posted. i have been too busy living to talk about most of it. gomen.

EDITED: 9 july 04 updated link.

July 4, 2004

shaking fist in anger...

to the spammer who is using my e-mail address as the return for your crappy spam, i hope that there is a special kind of hell for you for filling my inbox with bounced e-mail messages.

calling chuck...

chuck, send me an e-mail with your phone number. we need to chat.

July 9, 2004


so a few weeks back i observed something that has stuck with me. when watching it, i realized that i needed to post something about it, so now i will.

there are a number of bathrooms in the office building that i work in, 12 in fact. 24 if you count male and female seperately. over the last year or so, they have been "upgrading" the bathrooms in what i believe is an attempt to make the facility more attractive to new tennets. i guess you have to have something going for you since the floorplan will make you mad trying to figure out how to work in the space.

so i am in one of the "nice" bathrooms on my way out to grab a smoke. needless to say that they have not upgraded the bathrooms near any of our suites, but i digress. on my way in i notice a man getting ready to dry his hands. one, two, three, four, five towels he pulls out of the despenser. i wash my hands ever time i am in the bathroom and i need a total of 2 towels to achieve full driness. this man certainly didn't need five. and it got me to wondering how much else of his life is an exercise in waste.

i try not to waste anything, especially time. melissa noticed (after over a year together) that i don't ever idle. i am always doing something. she says i need to relax. i say if i don't keep moving, i might stop forever.

all that being said, the thing that i like least about the "nice" bathrooms is the automatic soap dispensors that don't quite dispense enough soap in one pass. but i digress.

January 3, 2005

testing assumptions...

happy new year.

today i tried to turn on a radio that i knew didn't have batteries and wasn't plugged in. everything that i know told me that it wouldn't turn on, but i was curious all the same. i wondered if my testing the radio to see if it would turn on was sufficient to overcome the lack of an obvious power source...

and i couldn't help but wonder how many things are possible than we think just because we believe them to not be possible.

February 11, 2005

random stuff...

so i am doing some reading and learning for stuff i am working on right now. came across this term "Principle of Least Astonishment". i had not heard this used before so i went digging. i found this and this.

March 28, 2005


the term refactor is unknown to microsoft word 2000 and prompts for autocorrection. i am not sure if this is an oversight or commentary on the software practices employed by microsoft.

June 25, 2005

my land is your land, your land is your...

on thrusday the supreme court made a ruling on a case from Connecticut where a town decided to apply the eminent domain constitutional amendment to the siezing of land by a city for private development. in my mind, eminent domain was intended to prevent private land owners from negatively impacting the community in which they own land by refusing to sell the land to the local, state or federal government. in my mind this land should only be used for public projects such as schools, highways or civic infrastructure.

this ruling leaves the door open for the development of shopping malls, office complexes and the like. compensation will still have to be made for the property, but how can you compensate someone who is having to leave the home that they have always lived in? it is now up to the state governments to pass laws limiting what can be done in this arena, but living in florida, i don't have all that much hope.

court decision.
cnn story about the original ruling.
some info about what this means to big-box retailers.

December 14, 2005

kid in high school...

i didn't really realize this until i started to understand the frustration of being a heavy coffee drinker and wearing button-fly jeans. being a kid in high school is really unhealty in terms of fluid consumption. no drinks in the classroom and only a couple of minutes go grab a sip from a hallway water fountain. no wonder i didn't realize the frustration of buttons, i didn't ever have to go to the restroom in high school.

December 15, 2005

video game music...

the preview for the movie Munich has some really cool music that i had heard before. turns out to be a track from the soundtrack to the game Uru: Ages Beyond Myst.

what you say!?! a transformers live action movie?

February 9, 2006

life immitating web...

it was pretty damn funny when Men's Health quoted the onion as a source on a new condiment, but it is even better when the onion is 2 years ahead of the market with their reports.

february 18, 2004: the onion posted their "article" on gillette's new razor. now in february of 2006, it would appear that gillette has finally backed up the claims of faux-news with a real product.

March 12, 2006


the poems written into styrofoam cups first with fingernails and then, when allowed, with pens by guantanamo bay inmates are structurally speaking couplets. i believe that they should be referred to also as cuplets.

April 4, 2006

starbucks the pimp...

so it would seem that starbucks is going to start pimping movies in addition to music. something about wanting to become a media company as well as a coffee juggernaut. what i really don't get is why people would be willing to trust starbucks for a movie recommendation any more than they are willing to trust say your drive-thru worker for financial advice. meh.

September 17, 2006

my bad memory...

how quickly i have learned not to think of all of you, my family that i left behind. to look at pictures of you and have to search into the back of my brain to remember your names or what it was that i liked most about you. sometimes this makes me a little sad. other days i understand better what it is about distance that makes this necessary. but i want you to know that when i do remember, i do so with a touch of sadness and hope that your days find you not remembering me either.

June 1, 2007


i remember being interesting, like all my friends.

June 12, 2007


we are all flawed, that is what makes us beautiful.

July 27, 2008

space or on being very small

a couple of weeks back, the science channel, as one of the many channels of the discovery network, ran space week. in many ways this is like the long running shark week that we have watched for years, but for the geekier set. while it might be my predisposition to the inner geek, i would still argue that space week is much better (cooler?) and in many ways better.

in HD, the "When We Left Earth" series is fantastic. some of the footage that they found and used is mesmerizing. and the entire 6-hour series is inspired and inspiring all at the same time. i am becoming quite a fan of this format, which has seen heavy use recently in the series "Planet Earth" and "Earth: The Biography". It lends itself well to being the correct amount of time for a series without having to include too much cruft which would be necessary for at 12-26 episode broadcast series.

one of the things that so many of the astronauts noted is the spiritual understanding they gained looking down on our little planet from the freedom of space. how unimportant everything that we stressed about seemed, how we continually seem to sell ourselves short with very unimportant things. a speck, on a speck, on something that aspires to be a speck.

i can see how people pre-disposed to find importance in the human species and our place in the universe have found religion soothing. when you consider how many elements had to line up to form a world in just the right spot for water to be liquid (the habitable zone), to have so much that water delivered by comets, to have a magnetosphere that protects our atmosphere from being boiled off by solar radiation, to have species like the dinosaurs removed from the food chain so that mammals could develop, to survive all the the cataclysms the earth has experienced, the odds seem insurmountable. there must be a god, the odds are just too remote.

that is, until you consider the shear size of the universe. and not just the space we take up, but also the age, we start to get a better grasp on some of the statistics. there are an estimated 100 billion starts in our galaxy. our current best estimate for the number of galaxies is 125 billion. so, start to do the math. that is a lot of places for intelligent life to form, much less the time that we have to develop that life over. we have been on our little rock 250,000 years as a species, but what we would view as society has only been around maybe 10,000 years. considering the age of the earth is 4.5 billion years with recent discoveries indicating water and cooler temperatures present for maybe 4 billion years we begin to hit a statistical probability that life will form, and not just here, but elsewhere in the universe.

now, i am not talking up the likelihood of little green men, just a bigger understanding of our significance, if you could even attach that word to it. so the next time you get stressed out by getting cut off in traffic, just remember that there is very little in this world that is worth getting angry about. and most of the things that are worth any amount of stress are things that you probably don't take the time to think about nearly often enough.

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